US chatshow host attacks Radio Exe presenter

Wendy Williams joins Rita Ora row

An American TV host has launched a bizarre on-air attack on Radio Exe breakfast presenter Ben Clark in a row over Rita Ora risking spreading coronavirus. Wendy Williams claims the singer “can get away with stuff” that others can’t – and that Ben Clark is a man who “can’t commit.”

Ms. Ora, a popular music performer much-beloved by young girls, recently threw a party in a London restaurant to celebrate her 30th birthday at a time when pubs and restaurants were meant to be closed and households unable to mix. Ms. Ora decided that didn’t fit in with her birthday plans. Following the publicity, she’s apologised. She is now said to be undertaking an inquiry into which of her friends released details to the press.

When one of the singer’s tracks came up on his show this week, Ben Clark told how his 11-year-old daughter had asked to have a friend to stay, but accepted that couldn’t happen during lockdown. He’s told Radio Exe’s listeners he won’t be playing Rita Ora’s songs on his show.

That’s not good enough for American TV star Wendy Williams. “I suspect that Ben just wanted to be on Hot Topics,” she shrilled, prompting much mirth amongst her socially distanced and masked audience. “Rita lives on another planet, in a good way,” the chat show host went on to counsel. “You know what, there’s certain celebrities who can get away with stuff and Rita is one of those people.”

“Getting away with stuff” in this case includes breaking the law – for which the singer didn’t escape a £10,000 fine ($13,500 in the US) – and risking public health. More than 75,000 people have died with covid-19 on their death certificates in the UK (281,000 in the US).

Ms Williams doesn’t mention those figures. Instead when Ben says he won’t be playing Rita Ora “for the foreseeable future” she turns her scorn on him: “See, he can’t even commit.” She goes on to question whether celebrities should be setting standards for behaviour and concludes “No, no, no….Count on you, that’s all.”

Ben has explained to his bosses that, whilst he accepts Rita Ora has apologised and people do make mistakes, her music on his programme “doesn’t sit comfortably” with him for the time being.

Following the furore about the restaurant meal, it has been revealed that Ms Ora should have been isolating after a trip to play a gig in Egypt attended by the president. She’s apologised again.

Watch Wendy Williams complain about Ben Clark’s stance on Rita Ora here: 

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The row has been reported around the world, including in Brazil (left) and Germany (right)

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