Babbacombe Model Village

Babbacombe Model Village

Thousands of tiny buildings and even tinier people pack an absorbing attraction chock-full of English eccentricity. The imagination and attention to detail is remarkable, with Lilliputian tableaux that are in turns witty, bizarre and unnerving. Open until 9pm some summer evenings.

It has attracted children and adults of all ages for generations and is considered one of the best examples of a model village in England. There is also a 4D theatre with regular performances. On certain evenings, the model village is also lit up with thousands of miniature lights.

Babbacombe Model Village is a miniature world with hundreds of model scenes and all kinds of goings-on, along with much humour and many animated displays. It is all set in 4 acres of award-winning gardens.

Each of the model scenes, uniquely crafted by our team, cost thousands of pounds to make. Some of the larger models, such as Bath Crescent, cost around £30,000 to create, ensuring the high standards our customers expect. We are certain you will appreciate the detail and quality of the displays at Babbacombe Model Village.

The village portrays British life and culture over the decades and is sure to bring to life those childhood memories!

Over 400 models of houses, stately homes, factories, shops and entertainment venues. There are many styles from medieval through Shakespearean to Victorian, along with some well-known monuments and landmarks. Not forgetting, of course, 13,000 miniature people who live in the village. A 1/12th scale model railway loops around the middle of the gardens.

Adults love the humorous representation of British life over the last six decades and the award-winning gardens. Children love all the miniature characters and enjoy following the spotter sheet to see what they can find (pick up your free spotter on arrival)

To add an extra dimension of fun, humour and puns prevail throughout the park, some very obvious, some very subtle, but a quick visit is never enough to spot it all. Just one example - see if you can you spot the ghost in the tower, many visitors in a hurry miss it!

There are several fun indoor features too, such as the 'Little Enders' soap set, the Victorian Snowy village and the World of movie miniatures.

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